Silhouette Studio: Convert to SVG

Silhouette Studio: Convert to SVG


We, at Coffee & Peony, LOVE our Silhouette Cameos and will undoubtedly be sharing many our of Silhouette projects down the line.  For those that aren’t familiar with it, it’s an electronic cutting machine that can cut anything from card stock to vinyl or fabric.  It comes with Silhouette Studio software to generate your cut file which is very versatile and easy to use.  A friend of mine, who owns a different cutting machine, recently told me about how frustrating the software that came with her machine is.  Since Silhouette Studio is free to download, I suggested she use that to create her cut file and convert it to an SVG file to use for her own machine. There are other reasons you may need to convert a Silhouette Studio file to an SVG file as well so I thought this would be a good tutorial to share with everyone.

I’m working on a Windows machine so if you have a Mac, your instructions might be somewhat different.  I’ll be using Inkscape, which is available as a free download for the conversion.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video for this tutorial.

The first thing you need to create is your cut file in Silhouette Studio.  The file I’m using here is one that I used to customize a ring dish for my cousin who is getting married.  The symbol inside the ring is the Chinese “double happiness” symbol and their first initials are below it.


I filled the cut areas and lines with black so that they have the highest contrast.  Once your image is ready, open your Snipping Tool and take a snapshot of your image.


Open your screenshot in Inkscape, accept the default values in the image import window and click OK.


Next, select your image by clicking on it and then go to Path > Trace Bitmap.


Use the following Trace Bitmap options and click OK.  Then, close out the Trace Bitmap window.


Now, you can select your original image and separate it from the trace.  Delete your original image and save the remaining trace as an SVG file.  Voila!

If you like the file we used in this tutorial, you can down it for free below!  Enjoy!
Ring with Double Happiness Silhouette Studio Version 2
Ring with Double Happiness Silhouette Studio Version 3

Happy crafting!





Super Simple DIY Easter Banner

Super Simple DIY Easter Banner

2016-03-22 11.44.02

I have a curious 4 year old who literally follows me everywhere and wants to take part in everything I’m doing. Most of the time, I LOVE IT! I love that she wants to learn different skills, I love that she’s not just glued to the TV, and I love seeing that sense of accomplishment on her little face when we are done! So naturally, when I’m thinking of crafting ideas, I try to find at least a little part that she can help with.  This Easter banner was a perfect project for her. With just little bit of paint and glue dots she made a cute banner!

I listed where I purchased these supplies but, if you don’t have one of these stores near you, I’m sure you can find another similar store with similar supplies!

Dollar Tree:
1 pack of foam bunny shapes
1 roll multicolor curling ribbon

2 packs of linen pennants (dollar spot)

Stuff From Around the House:
Acrylic paint
Colored pompoms
1 pc of old cardboard
Glue dots


  1. Make a stencil of an Easter egg 3 in wide by 4 in tall. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut one out in adhesive vinyl, but you can easily make one by hand with scissors and contact paper or a thick card stock.  A template for the stencil can be downloaded here.
  2. Protect your surfaces by painting on top of the cardboard. Linen is very porous so expect paint to seep through.

    2016-03-22 00.40.49
    My little one painting the egg stencils
  3. Lay stencil over pennants and dab away. Since the little one will be painting, I used a few glue dots to secure the stencil down. That worked pretty well and they lasted for all 8 pennants we painted.
    2016-03-22 00.42.34
    2016-03-22 00.44.44
  4. Using glue dots, attach foam bunnies to the rest of the pennants.
  5. Attach pompoms to the bunnies with glue.
  6. Thread the pennants together using the curling ribbon and hang!


Now sit back and admire your new Easter banner! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

2016-03-22 00.35.47

Happy Crafting!