You know how people say good things come in threes? Well, this summer my good things are babies! No, NOT having triplets! Three close friends/family are having babies weeks apart. Of course for me that translates to baby showers and gifts.

For the shower I’m throwing, I would like to incorporate the idea of guests painting baby onesies. Here are the standard steps for this activity:

  1. Make cardboard inserts to go inside the onesies – this is to prevent paint from bleeding through to the backside and the work surface.
  2. Once the painting is done, they need to sit out and dry. I like the look of hanging them up, so I would have to remove the inserts and hang with clothes pins or hangers.

I can already foresee several issues with doing it this way. For starters, it will be messy! There will be a load of supplies – inserts, hangers/clothespins, paint, brushes all over an already tight work space. Secondly, removing the inserts while onesies are wet will run the risk of ruining some artwork. Now, whether I use hangers or clothespins, there’s nothing inside to support the body for proper drying. Then, there’s the challenge of transporting them home, especially if they haven’t dried completely yet.  Lastly and definitely most important to me, it just doesn’t look put together.

What I want to do is to streamline the process and make it look pretty while I’m at it. I need to make the transition from painting to hanging to transporting them home into one swift step. Google didn’t give any satisfying answers, so I designed my own – a cardboard insert with a hanger. For the sample here, I used a 176gsm cardstock. While I was able to hang it up, I suspect this won’t hold up well for longer period of time. So for the shower, I will be using a more substantial cardstock – 215gsm (think business card) or higher.onesie hangers pics
Since I own a Silhouette Cameo, cutting them will be a breeze. You can find the cut file here. For non-Silhouette machines, here’s a SVG version. If you don’t own a cutting machines, no worries, I have also included a PDF version. Let me know what you think!